1 Pack Sports Face Protection, Washable Breathable with 2 Extra Activated Carbon Filters and 2 Valves, Suitable for Outdoor Activities

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(as of Apr 07,2021 21:56:51 UTC – Details)

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How do you wash it?

1. From inside of it, turn the two valves to “Open”position then remove the valves.

2. Take the filter out of it after removing the two valves.

3. Hand wash it and two valves in warm water and dish soap or dishsoap, and allow to air dry.

4. ⚠ Do not wash the filter as it needs to be replaced on a regular basis

Q: How was delivery time? Where they delivered when promised.
A: All orders are shipped from USA. Its Fulfillment by Amazon. About in 3-5 days.

Q: Does this come with extra filters?
A: Yes, one comes with 2 filters. If you need more filters, you can buy them on Amazon.

Q: How often we need to change the filters? Is it washable?
A: It is washable. You can wash it with warm water. The filters are not washable and we recommend to change them every 5-7 days depending on how often you use it. If you work with saw dust we recommend daily or every 2 days.

RE-USABLE — The mesh dust M shell and valves can be washed when they get dirty, the filter is easily replaceable. ➡➡The filters are not washable and we recommend to change them every 5-7 days.
MULTIUSES — Great for protection, sportswear and outdoor activities such as mowing, running, hunting, travelling, construction and woodworking.
SHIPPING — Fulfillment by Amazon to ensure prompt delivery of your order. 📣📣📣Sold by BOBI NEW Beauty📣📣📣

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