6 Sets of Exhalation Valve Kit for Face Mask – One-Way ABS Plastic Exhalation Valve for DIY Cloth Face Masks. Helps You Breath and Prevent Foggy Glasses – 6 Sets

Price: $5.99
(as of Apr 03,2021 22:00:05 UTC – Details)

These round exhalation valve kits are the perfect accessory to add to your homemade mask.

They are made of three parts. an inner ring and an outer ring that clip together permanently through a hole cut in your cloth mask. In between these sits a small silicone pad that prevents air from coming in your mask but allows you to exhale.

Adding a valve to your mask will help reduce a number of issues such as reducing fog on glasses and improving the quality of the air you breathe. This is a perfect accessory for kids going back to school who may need to wear a mask for long periods. The vents on the valve can be oriented down to ensure that your exhalation is pointed away from others.

Please note the pictures in the descriptions showing how to assemble the valve and install on the mask. This product is meant for people who want to ad a valve to a cloth mask. You will need to cut the hole in the mask to assemble the valve. Mask is not included.

Easy to permanently install on masks – perfect for kids and adults
Made of durable ABS plastic they are permanently affixed to your mask
Simple valve allows breath to escape to help reduce fogging of glasses and improve air quality – perfect for kids and adults alike
Great for back to school, runners, bikers, at the gym, and anyone who needs to wear a mask for an extended period of time
Ships fast form Amazon, each pack includes six (6) valve sets

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