Disposable Face Masks – Pack of 50 – Black Safety Masks – 3 Layers Protection – Breathable/Comfortable/Adjustable

Price: $10.90
(as of Mar 18,2021 23:00:06 UTC – Details)

Box Usage: 

  • 50 Pcs Disposable Face Masks
  • 3PLY, layers of Non-woven + Melt-blown fabric 
  • Ideal pack size for individual+family
  • 50 days of usage for individuals
  • Recommended usage of 5-8 hours
  • Do not Reuse/Wash
  • Dispose after one time use
  • Adult Size (can be used by teens too)
  • Helps in protection against germs, air pollution & dust
  • Not intended and proven for medical purposes

Face masks help limit the spread of germs.  When someone talks, coughs, or sneezes they may release tiny drops into the air that can infect others. If someone is ill a 3 PLY face masks can reduce the number of germs that the wearer releases and can protect other people from becoming sick. Mask also protects the wearer’s nose and mouth from splashes or sprays of body fluids.
How to put on a face mask:

  • Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before
  • Remove a disposable mask from the box, make sure there are no obvious tears or holes in either side. Handle masks from the ear-loops only
  • Side of the mask that has a stiff bendable edge is the top and is meant to be on the nose
  • Colored side of the mask is usually the front and should face away from you, while the black side touches your face
  • Hold the mask by the ear loops. Place a loop around each ear
  • Press the nose wire to mould in the shape of your nose and the make sure the other side comes under your chin

How to remove a face mask

  • Avoid touching the front of the mask. The front of the mask is contaminated. Only touch the ear loops/ties/band
  • Hold both of the ear loops and gently lift and remove the mask
  • Clean your hands with soap+water or hand sanitizer before and after handling

FACE MASKS DISPOSABLE – Our disposable face masks provide 3 layer protection. The face masks have a soft non-woven fabric in the inner side for comfort. The outside layer is made up of non-woven fabric and the middle layer has melt-blown fabric filter for better filtration of air. These lightweight face mask are non-irritating to the skin since they are made breathable, soft and comfortable fabric and are perfect for general outdoor, indoor and travel use.
3 PLY BREATHABLE PROTECTION – Our facial mask fit all and are suitable for both adults and children. Stretchable, Soft Elastic Ear-loops and deformable nose clip of the masks make it easy and comfortable to wear as they fit every face shape and size. These are not only for Men but serve perfectly face mask for Women and can be used for kids as well.
We recommend to use one disposable mask for a maximum time duration of 5 to 8 hours. Use fingers to gently lift each loop on the right and left side in facemasks to open the loops and put on the mask. As these facemask are not reusable, we recommend to fold-tie-wrap and dispose them properly.
NOT FOR MEDICAL USE – face mask pack has 50 individual 3 PLY yet ppe face mask which would help protect your respiratory system against Dust and Pollution. The disposable masks should only be worn as a precautionary measure as they are not proven to reduce the transmission of any disease. They are not intended for industrial or medical use.
FAST SHIPPING ACROSS USA – Our Black face masks are made of breathable material and are allergy free. We ship all orders with 24 hours of order placement as to ensure that they are delivered within 3-5 days. As to provide you the essential items that help you keep your loved ones protected. Please note that the product is made in China but is readily available in short lead time in USA.

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