DIY HOMEMADE FACE MASK HAND SANITIZER AND DISINFECTANT WIPES GUIDE: Quick Guide to Make Reusable Face Mask,Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Wipes at Home for your Family

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Do You want to Learn How to Make Homemade Medical Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer, and Disinfectant Wipes? Then this Complete Guide is for You.

This 2020 crisis has hit so many people so hard and coupled with the widespread demand in the distribution of Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers, and Wipes has been driven by increased capacity for production. This DIY book is here to guide you on how to make these face masks and disinfectants so that you can spend less while maintaining proper hygiene and staying healthy.
In this book, you would understand why you should use a Face mask. How Wipes and Hand Sanitizers work. Approved formulation of hand sanitizers by WHO and how to make quality face mask and disinfectants.

You would also Learn :

  • How to make a Face Mask in 60 seconds
  • How to prepare Hand Sanitizers for children
  • How to sew your homemade anti-virus mask
  • How to make a water-based household solution
  • Appropriate material for sewing a face mask
  • How to sew a washable mask
  • How to make eucalyptus oil sanitizers
  • How to make Natural Homemade Wipes

All these and many are what you would learn in this DIY book.

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