DIY Silicone Mas-k Bracket for Teacher Child Adult, 3D Anti-Fog Reusable Support Frame Insert for Easy Breathing, Inside Nose Cage for Clear Speak

Price: $8.99
(as of Jan 13,2021 05:54:23 UTC – Details)

At least read the story, for your marriage good

1.Bad tempered kids scolded by teachers for distraction from sultry breath

2.Startled cat jump onto desk mess whole dish at kicking from kids

3.Big quarrel breakout between hungry husband and wife

4.Nothing will happen if only your kids have one bracket support

5.It’s a joke, but seriously, you should join our 10000+ customers for your whole family good.

What is it good for?

——cool silicone makes the masks are no longer so hot to wear;

——your DIY skill will fly high with its support, finally you get your personalized pattern;

——it can really help breathing easier for 1/4″ space from your mouth, one bracket can enhance the normal fabric into the ones equipped with valve;

——anti-fogging for glasses, yeah, your glasses finally won lawsuit against water condensation, a destined choice for teacher and students;

——reusable and washable, save a great amount of fabric at no frequent changing, also save you several wardrobes of clothes for DIY;

——no smear of lipstick and foundation, you are no longer mistaken as Joker to kill batman;

——speak clearer, your friends will no longer ask you, “Why do you sing Sweet dreams are made of cheese?”, when you are singing Sweet Dream

——3 steps simple installment within 5 secs, faster than three blinks;
——Rescue your poor skin from pimple, irritation, line mark or wetness gross of sweat;
——10 pieces family pack, fit for all masks and face size, cater for needs of more-than-12-hour mask wearing career such as health care, grocery, transportation staff , salute to them!

What else?

Washable: Yes

Reusable: Yes

Material: Silicone rubber

Color: White translucent

Each Item Size: 4 x 3.6 x 1.65in /10 x 9 x 4.2cm

Each Item Weight: 0.44oz / 12g

Packing List: 10 x Bracket

Cool, more lightweight than a paper: made of silicone material, the soft support stand can provide more comfortable breathing and more oxygen for 1/4″ space it creates along with hotness reduction, no more sticking fabric on face, no acne, pimple breakout from muffling;
Cherish your exquisite lipstick: the support brace cup ergonomic fits cheeks well, which provides a protective bulge on your mouth and nose, whereas your lipstick will no longer smear. Soft touch also takes away irritation or line mark from continuous friction of coarse fabric;
Turn flat fabric to 3D: with the bracket frame structure, all breath trouble will be shot down. Teachers will no longer be bothered by glasses keep fogging, while speak clearer to be understood by your kids. It enables your children to be more attentive without taking mas-k on, which is safer for them returning school;
Reusable unless you loss it: the inside insertion bracket guard is washable in water or dishwasher, wipe it dry and stuff in your pocket to carry it around. 10 pcs in one pack support whole family using, universal for women, men and kids, join our 1000+ customers for your whole family good.
Faithful helper for DIY: your effort to make homemade cloth mas-k will never wasted with this facial brace cover, for it can be cut to fill the extra space. Cut it and sew onto the fabric, then you get your personalized pattern and design, also save a great amount of clothes for DIY;

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