Homemade Body Scrubs : 52 All Natural, Simple & Easy To Make Body Scrubs, Face Masks, Lip Balms & Body Washes Book: Amazing DIY Organic & Healing … The Signs Of Aging (All Natural Series)

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“IF YOU WANT YOUTHFUL, RADIANT AND GLOWING SKIN, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO TRY THE HOMEMADE BODY SCRUB RECIPES IN THIS BOOK!” Are you ready to get rid of dull, rough or troubled skin and bring out your natural beauty? Do you have good skin already but want to maintain and improve it even more? If so this book is for you because it contains the absolute best, most sumptuous, pampering, healing and moisturizing body scrubs, face masks, lip balms and body washes that you will find. In 52 All Natural Simple & Easy To Make Body Scrubs, Face Masks, Lip Balms & Body Washes you will discover how to make the quickest and easiest 100% natural (toxin and additive free) body scrubs, face masks, lip balms and body washes. Using basic natural ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, I will show you how you can create natural homemade products that will heal, renew and replenish your face and body. Cosmetic companies use these ingredients in their top selling products and charge us $$$$$ for them. I show you how easy it is to make these products yourself at home for pennies. The body scrub recipes are broken down into five categories: Body scrubs that heal Body scrubs that moisturize Body scrubs that refresh and revitalize Body scrubs suitable for night time Super luxurious and indulgent body scrubs You will also find recipes for some of the most beautiful Homemade Face Masks Homemade Lip Balms Homemade Body Washes Some of the wonderful natural homemade body scrub recipes included are: Cellulite Fighting Body Scrub, Luscious Mango Body Scrub, Tea Tree & Cucumber Cooling Scrub, Coffee Anti-Oxidant Body Scrub, Dry Skin Soothing Almond Scrub, Zingy Lime Body Scrub, Lazy Ginger Body Scrub, Raw Oatmeal Scrub, Choco-Strawberry Scrub, Apple Pie & Custard Scrub, Dead Sea Salt Healthy Scrub, Green Tea & Rosewood Scrub, Relaxing Lavender Scrub to name but a few. You can see the full list of recipes when you click inside the book. This very comprehensive book also discusses: What Natural Body Scrubs are and why you should start using them straight away The hazardous ingredients I found in my store bought body scrubs List of common ingredients I use in my body scrubs and their health benefits Basic equipment and ingredients you need to get started today SO CLICK TO PURCHASE NOW & GET READY TO KNOCK YEARS OFF HOW YOU LOOK. FINALLY GET THAT BEAUTIFUL SKIN THAT YOU DESERVE.

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