Homemade Face Masks: A Step by Step Guide on How to make Different Types of Protective Masks at Home

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Have you tried to get a surgical mask for protection against the novel coronavirus but can’t find any in stores? Have you heard that there is already a shortage of medical face masks, and you’d like to make your own homemade face masks?
If so, then surely this Homemade Face Mask Guide is for you!
With the current coronavirus outbreak, ensuring we are equipping ourselves with safety masks is now more important than ever. Unfortunately, as the virus continues to spread across the world, more and more pharmacies have come forward to inform the public that all of their protective masks are being sold out.
So, does that mean that the vast majority of us will have to go out unprotected because of the lack of access to a protective face mask?
Clearly not! This means you will need to come up with creative ways to create an effective antiviral protection mask at home until you can achieve a proper protective mask.
This guide exclusively covered approved homemade facemasks materials.
The guide covered areas such as;
Why you should make a DIY face mask; This covered what health professionals said pertaining to the use of DIY face mask
The health benefit of using DIY face masks
And the most important; chapters with different materials and techniques for a DIY facemask.
This is a guide you cannot afford to miss. Kindly live a review to help with the improvement of the book.

Thank you.

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