Homemade Hand Sanitizer, Face Mask, Sanitizing Wipes: How to Make Safety Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers at Home.

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                          How to Prevent a Viral Disease?

                     Use a Hand Sanitizer and a Face Mask!

Among the things that make life enjoyable is good health. This book is dedicated to highlighting the simplest ways to enhance your health and to minimize the risks that are prevalent all around, with a special focus on the prevention of viral infections.

A hand sanitizer is something you use to disinfect your hands when you suspect you might have touched an infected surface or person, and it normally comes in a gel or liquid form.

This book contains a lot of effective recipes for sanitizers (including sanitizer spray and gel) that you can use, and you can prepare the amount you want as per the needs of your household.

Another useful thing that helps preventing viral diseases is a face mask. Face masks are important in preventing people who are ill from spreading the disease to other people, and those who are healthy from catching the disease. In the book you will find several techniques for how to make safety masks at home!

Download your copy immediately and stay healthy!

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