NO-SEW HOME MADE “HEPA” AIR FILTER FACE MASK: Step By Step Picture Illustrations To Make Your Own Face Mask For Protection Using Available Home Materials in 12 Minutes

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If you want to learn how to make your own Non-Sew Homemade HEPA air filter Face Mask in 12 minutes and Protect Yourself from germs, this book is for you, keep reading….

You may have probably come across different directive on how to make a germ free face mask for your face but have you ask yourself if this materials lining are save enough to hinder micro passage of germs?. Step By Step Picture Illustrations To Make Your Own Face Mask Using Available HEPA Home Materials

Most thought “HEPA face mask” can only be bought, some are very expensive, most are not available but are prepared for Medical personnel who oversee patient during this pandemic. Even if you haven’t tried making any face mask before now .It’s time to do the safest Non-Sew Homemade HEPA air filter  Face Mask for maximum protection, hence the need for this information. Protecting yourself and family is your obligation and you are just right on your search.

CHARLOTTE WILLIAM is a well-respected health therapist whose passion and publications in family healthcare and safety span across the United States .She has been able to influence several families with ample guide to improve healthy living.

In this book, you will:

  •     Discover how to Make HEPA Face Masks and why they’re so important and effective
  •     Discover the best fabric you will be able to make HEPA channel.
  •     Reasons why you should make your own face mask.
  •     Understand the usage of different types of Non-sew Face Mask
  •     Discover how to make the most effective type of homemade face mask using material at home.
  •     Learn why a filter material  is essential and how to make it
  •     Learn how to  use these 5 special materials using  5 different face mask pattern for sewing
  •     Learn about the secret advantages of a Face Mask
  • And many more

This book is detailed using practical guide with pictures to ensure you have completed, usable, washable long lasting DIY  Non-Sew Homemade HEPA air filter Face Mask.

Allow yourself the opportunity to engage with these mind blowing discoveries by getting this face mask book.


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