Power Oxygen 99.5% Pure Oxygen Portable Recreational Oxygen Can,Supplement, 12 Liter Can,Quick Recovery for Exercise, Hangovers, and Altitude Sickness,Sports and Post Workout

Price: $14.99
(as of Jan 29,2021 06:22:08 UTC – Details)

Elevate your everyday experience with Power Oxygen. Stock up on energy-packed 99.5 % pure oxygen products to see what a blast of pure recreational oxygen can do for your exercise, work, travel, or a late-night out. Power Oxygen portable recreational oxygen delivers instant, on the go natural energy- helping to sustain, decrease stress, improve mental clarity and alertness, and recover from the effects of travel, elevation, and a night on the town.

Experience increased energy, endurance, mental acuity, and improved stamina.
Post workout, it’s crucial to combat muscle soreness and fatigue. Pure oxygen enables your body to have an ideal recovery in a natural way – our product contains no carbs, sugar, or additives to disrupt your health journey, yet still provides effective relief
With our easy-to-use oxygen canister, simply press the button to release the flow. Breathe in oxygen through your mouth or nose using our ergonomically designed mask. 3 to 5 breaths usually does the trick, but you can take as many breaths as you need depending on activity level.
Power Oxygen canister, with a total of 120+ breaths and 12L of pure oxygen for the most value with every inhale. Made from 100% recyclable aluminum, our canisters are lightweight yet durable for on-the-go.

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