SATKULL Training Mask,24 Breathing Resistance Levels Fitness Mask Workout Mask,Training in High Altitude Mask Gym Mask for Cardio, Fitness, Running, HIIT Training (Black)

Price: $22.99
(as of Feb 08,2021 06:42:29 UTC – Details)

Do you know that your respiratory muscles are the most easily overlooked muscle group in your body?

Use our hard work mask to break your own personal record.Trains breathing muscles and improve overall performance in any sport.

SATKULL training masks bring you the ultimate sports experience.

And it is used for running, football, basketball, rugby, track and field, jogging, fitness, cycling, skiing, hiking, marathon, triathlon or any other sport that wants to improve performance.

Lightweight and comfortable, it is designed to easily contour to your face and smartly adjust to your shape and breathing. Specially crafted with nice breathable material that can easily be strapped with a Velcro, you will feel comfortable throughout the whole workout. Comes with 2 filters that will help it stay fresh for a long time.

Its what’s under the hood that counts. This training mask is the pinnacle of performance breathing technology. Engineered to deliver the optimal amount of air to the platform.

The workout mask is made of non-toxic silicone body and adjustable elastic non-slip straps. Our materials use polyester Lycra,Three layer composite,Better elasticity and longer service life,Elasticity will not fail in a short size fits most people. It can reduce the risk allergic reactions and skin irritations.Soft and smooth material can fit your shape of face perfectly.

Build mental focus while training and experience less fatigue with QISE training mask.
Trains breathing muscles and improve overall performance in any sport.
Increases and conditions lung capacity by creating pulmonary resistance.

【Boost Training Performance】The training mask maximizes the benefits you get from your workout results. The mask breathing exercise devices were engineered to apply variable levels of tension to the breathing muscles by controlling air flow which increases tension on your breathing muscles. Take your training to the next level and boost your training performance!
【For all fitness levlels】Whether you are beginning to train your respiratory muscles or you are a professional, this high intensity mask is suitable for everyone. The resistance levels are customizable, you can adjust them according to your level.
【24 Resistance Levels】Our mask has 24 resistance levels from beginner to pro. Its multiple resistance levels allow you to work on your breathing muscle strength and techniques.
【Highest quality Mask】Our Mask is made from superior quality material and stitched with perfection. It does not rip off easily and you won’t face any holes or breakages. It is durable and lasts longer than some other masks.
【Purchase Today】If you are not completely satisfied with our traing mask, just reach out to us and give us a chance to make it right. If you want a full refund, simply send us the product back and consider it done. You risk nothing. Purchase today!

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